Friday, 15 February 2008

want a new relationship?

from noel kingsley:

"Have you noticed that when you want something badly, that sometimes it just doesn't come to you? I'm referring particularly to wanting a new relationship, a new boyfriend or girlfriend. If we haven't been in a relationship for a while, we may be almost desperate to meet someone new, but sadly for some reason it just doesn't happen. No matter how much we try, going to parties, getting introductions, grooming ourselves and buying exciting new clothes and make-overs it still doesn't happen. Yet, when we stop trying and give up...'Hey Presto' suddenly we have three new people knocking on our door.

Why is it when we want something, it often does not happen, but when we 'stop' wanting, then it does? Is the Law of Attraction selective about when it works or doesn't and maybe it just doesn't work all the time? No, what we think is what we get.....all of the time.

One may be excused for believing that if we're thinking about a new relationship, then the Law of Attraction will bring it to 'buts' about it. However, while thinking is attracting to us, so are our emotions. Indeed our emotions carry more 'pulling power' in terms of attracting than our thoughts.

Another way of describing this Law of Attraction is 'Like attracts Like'. Everything in the Universe is made of energy, molecules bound together by electromagnetic forces. For fun, put two drops of water together on a plate or window pain. With your finger drag one over towards the other. When the two drops meet they immediately meld into one drop.

Now, what message are we sending out when we're thinking that we'd like a new relationship? The message is 'I want'. But this message is coming from a position of 'lack'. In other words, what's written into this feeling and thought is the fact that we do not have a relationship. It's the 'I do not have' that's being sent out, and with the Law of Attraction matching every single time, what we get back is more of 'I do not have'. So we stay in a position of 'lack'; we continue to experience 'not having what we want'. The more desperate we become about getting this new friendship, or anything else, the the less likely we are to get it because we are energising our 'lack' of the thing we want. Our emotions may be sad and we are feeling sorry for ourselves, so the Law sends us more of what makes us feel sad and sorry for ourselves.

When we eventually give up or get distracted by enjoying ourselves and being happy, maybe with a new occupation or new activity we are sending out 'happiness' vibes. The Law of Attraction continues unceasingly to match the emotion, so you receive more of what makes you enjoy yourself and be happy. The underlying desire to have a new relationship is still there, but the anxiety has been taken out of our wish. We are happy at this moment, so the Universe sends us more of what makes us happy. Bingo, someone becomes interested in us and we have the opportunity of a new friendship. In general, people are attracted to happy people, not desperate or stressed or anxious people.

So in our search and wish for something new, be it a new relationship, let's firstly make ourselves happy. Do things you enjoy, have fun; let's relax in our happiness.

Rather than 'wanting' a new relationship, we should envisage 'being happy in the new relationship already'. See ourselves enjoying the company, the intimacy, the sharing of mutual experiences; believe it's already part of our life. Use visualisation techniques to energise the satisfaction and completion of your wish. Visualise yourself already happy in the relationship. The Law of Attraction will then match your emotion; it will create the circumstances whereby your happy emotions will be matched.

You might say that you need a relationship and only then will you be happy. No. It's the other way round. Make yourself happy, then you'll get the new relationship. The Universe matches your emotion every exception. If you've had an experience where you didn't get what you want, just have a closer look at 'how' you were wanting it. What was the main undercurrent of emotion, because that's what you got.

You can check on what you are attracting to you at any given moment by assessing how you feel. Are you happy and content or are you sad. What are you thinking now? What's in your mind, ha are you feeling? Whatever it is, it's on its way to you. Your emotion will be matched by circumstances to make more of what you're feeling.

Choose your thoughts wisely and have a great day!"

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