Thursday, 14 February 2008

thought for day

read this today - i think there's something very profound in here somewhere, but haven't figured out what it is yet:
In order to deal with knowledge moving and changing so rapidly we can not hold onto traditional thought processes.

Once on a long road trip I noticed I could let my mind and judgments relax. Instead of focusing on a few individual things that were passing by I was able to see everything going by. It was tricky at first but with practice it got easier to maintain. Eventually I could even talk and do it. I was able to absorb more information the more I relaxed my mind.

I see a gyroscope a s great example of this exponential growth. When sitting on a table motionless it knows one reality. Make it spin and it takes on a completely different reality. The faster it goes the more balanced it becomes. While on the table motionless it has all the potential of this other reality but is not experiencing it.

It seems very obvious that we are growing faster and faster. It also seems inevitable that we will reach a place where knowledge and technology will grow so fast that it seem to want to spin out of control but I believe it will balance out like a gyroscope.


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