• Muscle spindle
    Muscles contain a complicated structure called a "muscle spindle". This contains nerves that tell the brain what the muscle is doing. When a muscle has too much lactic acid, the messages to the brain become weak and then the brain doesn't tell the muscle to relax and you get muscle spasm.
    In the words of Thomas Griner:
    "during prolonged exertion, concentrated lactic acid collects in the muscle spindles and this begins to effect the feedback nerves. The messages grow weaker and weaker, and the cerebellum (brain) interprets this means the muscle is relaxing. So it commands the muscle to tighten up....thus begins a vicious cycle of self-sustaining spasm that intensifies and grows larger."
    Griner's method of neuromuscular massage deals with this muscle spasm, and if the massage is done correctly the muscle will relax, the blood vessels will open, lactic acid will be carried away to the liver, and the muscle will return to a state of health.
    The suboccipital muscles.
    According Griner, spasm in the muscles under the head, where it joins the neck, cause all sorts of problems such as headaches. Also muscle spasm here irritates the nerves that control the sphenoid and frontal sinuses.
    When this happens you get sinusitis, migraines, and over-production of
    histamine. This effects the hypothalamus and pituitary glands causing
    asthma, bronchitis, allergies, and autoimmune diseases.
    A disturbance to the hypothalamus can cause symptoms of autism and
    Griner claims to have produced dramatic changes to the behaviour of
    autistic children by massaging the suboccipital muscles.
    Thomas Griner is the teacher of Brian Bronk (AMR founder)

    ref 'Whats really wrong with you' Griner,T, 1996, penguin putnam, new york