Friday, 15 February 2013

The benefits of distilled water for prostate problems

Enlarged prostate is a common condition affecting mainly middle aged and elderly men. The prostate enlarges and causes difficulty with urination. Many men go for surgery for this condition but according to Lawrence Wilson MD , many men regret this decision due to incontinence and other problems. A safer alternative is to repair the prostate gland and detoxify the body naturally. In many cases this will cause the swelling to subside.
Dr  Wilson recommends drinking distilled water to detoxify the body and the prostate specifically:
"Distilled water helps detoxify the body of metal and chemicals". He recommends avoiding tap water with chlorine and flouride which have a poisonous affect on the body.
Wouldn't it be better to use mineral water?
Actually no, by drinking mineral water we get dead inorganic minerals, which only clog our systems. 
 According to independent researcher Andrew Webber:
 “You only want organic minerals which come from live food. The inorganic calcium in spring water will get stuck in between your bones and give you arthritis, whereas the organic calcium in a live orange will REPAIR a spot in your bones. A human is ONLY made of, and can ONLY use organic minerals. There is zero position and/or zero use for inorganic minerals in humans.” – Andrew Norton Webber -(Amazing information on distilled water and liquids.. why pure is the only way to go - he recommends drinking one litre of distilled water per day to detox)

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