Friday, 2 August 2013

baobab rocks

from the Daily Mail ...

Demand for a new African ‘superfruit’ which boosts energy levels and skin health has soared to record highs in the UK.
New figures show sales of the baobab fruit, which contains three times as much vitamin C as an orange, has increased by 1,600 per cent.

Antioxidants: Baobab fruit have become increasingly popular in the UK with their citrus taste and health benefits
Brits have rushed to buy the nutrient-dense superfood, which has incredibly high levels of antioxidants and tastes like a blend of pineapple and melon.
Baobab is an excellent source of calcium, potassium, thiamin and vitamin B6 - all vital nutrients known to benefit general health.

    Sourced from the African continent, baobab’s calcium source is a non-dairy one, making it an option for vegetarians too.
    the baobab range is available at beauty emporium and pharmacy John Bell & Croyden and a number of organics stores.
    Baobab trees: The fruit has been used in Africa for centuries as a source of natural well being
    Baobab trees: The fruit has been used in Africa for centuries as a source of natural well being
    Since launching in October last year, sales figures are 60 per cent better than its closest market rival.
    Dr Lisa Ryan, of Oxford Brookes University, said: “Baobab is a rich source of potassium which plays a role in lowering blood pressure.
    'It also contains calcium which is vital for bone health, has a high soluble fibre content which is important for digestive health.
    'It is also rich in polyphenols which have potential health benefits against diseases like atherosclerosis, some types of cancer and type 2 diabetes.' 
    Dietician Sian Porter said: 'Baobab is an excellent example of a nutrient-dense, low energy food - a real super food.'

    Baobab grows in thirty two countries across Africa and has been brought to the mainstream by new Africa-inspired health and beauty brand Aduna.
    For centuries people in Africa have turned to the baobab tree as a source of natural wellbeing, benefiting skin, hair and general health.
    As a fruit, baobab is unique in that it dries naturally on the branch before it is harvested, the seeds are removed and then sieved into a powder.
    Available as a loose powder, it is ideal for adding to smoothies and juices, or using as an alternative to sugar for sweetening yogurt, muesli or cereal.
    Josie Elles, of John Bell & Croyden, said: “Since launching with us late last year Aduna baobab has become our best-selling supplement this year.
    'It has come from out of nowhere to become and both the brand and the product are ones to watch.'

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