Friday, 22 February 2008

the "flu shot" - from Dr Mark Sircus, MD

The husband of one of my patients is a top executive in a large pharmaceutical firm.
He is in charge of manufacturing the flu shot. I asked her if he had his flu shot.
"No, he doesn't get them," she told me.
"He doesn't? Why?" I asked.
"Don't you know that pharmacists don't take drugs?" she said.

She reminded me of the famous study of oncologists who were asked, "If you or a
family member had cancer, would you take or recommend chemotherapy?" Over 90% said,
"No." Why? Because of unacceptable levels of toxicity and questionable

But they continue to prescribe these highly toxic, useless, dangerous poisons for
their patients. They have to. If they suggested nutritional approaches,
chiropractic, acupuncture, etc. they could lose their license. Modern medicine -
spiritual heir to the Inquisition.

In the same vein, for years I've heard stories of pediatricians who would not
vaccinate their own children but would vaccinate their patients; it was even
mentioned on the Phil Donahue show years ago. But try getting one of them to
publicly admit it . it'll never happen. I mean hypocrisy isn't something you

It is obvious that the medical profession cannot afford to have the public ever find
out the truth about vaccination for there is simply just too much at stake for them.
- Mark Sircus, MD

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