Thursday, 10 May 2007

"the horse and cart is here to stay"

If you need to overcome a problem that appears impossible to overcome,
first believe in yourself, then summon up every bit of determination within you
and ignore anybody who tries to tell you, you can't succeed.

Bill Gates was told by University professors and business experts,
his ideas which created Microsoft were drastically unrealistic and would
never work, and he succeeded because he refused to let go of his vision.

Many years ago, a financial advisor from the largest bank in America
told investors, "don't invest in Henry Ford's motor company"
because, quote: "the horse and cart is here to stay".

My special message to you: Never allow anybody who has not
traveled the road of truth you are about to travel, try to tell you,
that road does not exist, and "never" be afraid to reach for
your absolute potential and apply your persistence,
for success is within us all.

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