Wednesday, 16 May 2007

global warming not man-made?

Botanist Dr. David Bellamy, a famed UK environmental campaigner,
former lecturer at Durham University and host of a popular UK TV
series on wildlife, recently converted into a skeptic after reviewing
the science and now calls global warming fears "poppycock." According
to a May 15, 2005 article in the UK Sunday Times, Bellamy
said "global warming is largely a natural phenomenon. The world is
wasting stupendous amounts of money on trying to fix something that
can't be fixed." "The climate-change people have no proof for their
claims. They have computer models which do not prove anything,"
Bellamy added. Bellamy's conversion on global warming did not come
without a sacrifice as several environmental groups have ended their
association with him because of his views on climate change. The
severing of relations came despite Bellamy's long activism for green

(more on this soon to give the other side of the story)

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dr john said...

what a load of crap! there are more than 10,000 peer review studies on global warming. of which a random sample of 10% ie 1,000 studies were reviewed, every single on that's 100% folks show that global warming real and unnatural