Wednesday, 23 May 2007

The health benefits of salt – could be worth a try!

Sea salt does not raise blood pressure that much. What raises your blood pressure is usually the common salt you buy from supermarkets. Cooked hot dogs with additives raise your blood pressure. Eating salted potato chips raises your blood pressure. Eating sugar plus salt raises your blood pressure. In fact I read a research which tested the effect of blood pressure from sea salt alone - negligible increases.
(Sea salt contains some magnesium, which is why it usually does not affect blood pressure as much as table salt).
Sodium gets the blame for raising blood pressure, but in fact other additives are usaully responsible for the sodium retention and absorption. For example, salt and monosodium glutamate taken together and blood pressure goes skyrocketing. Eating french fries - especially salted ones - and blood pressure skyrockets - it might be the cancer-causing acrylamide when vegetable oil is heated at high temperatures that interferes with liver function.

Let me tell you briefly how well sea salt has worked. Benjamin Franklin mentioned in his bibliography that when he had a cold, he went to the sea and drank the water. The water was full of salt, so he was cured the next day.
Yes, sea salt has antiviral properties. Here are some experiences of taking sea salt to combat infections:
" last month I had a terrible urinary tract infection that lasted weeks. . So I saved the best for the last and through using the process of elimination after trying antibiotics from A-Z, nothing worked, even the well-known, ciproflaxin, and and related antibiotics. Then I finally tested 2 teaspoons of sea salt and the pain subsided within minutes. Just one dose, seems to have a long term killing effect and it was completely gone without even the slightest pain within 7 days. Coincidence? My sister on 4 August 2005 had a stomach disorder and urinary tract infection and she was on her second day. Again we tried all the usual antibiotics, and even some thai herbal medicine nothing worked. So I told my sister, if you want to go to work today you take sea salt or you do what mother tells you and go to the hospital, it is getting serious. So she decided to take 2 teaspoon of sea salt. Within 30 minutes the pain subsided greatly. Within 1.5 hours, my sister went to work"
"I have been using water and sea salt for over two months now. My high blood pressure is back to normal and even lower. My lifelong headaches are gone. My backache is gone and my energy is up. The huge bulging varicose veins on the backs of my legs are 100 percent gone on one leg and 50 percent gone on the other".
Roger Gordon

Now colloidal silver has a competitor that works better: sea salt. In practice, synergism is the day. Mixing sea salt and colloidal silver works better too. Many people with lyme disease, lupus, stomach disorders, fibromyalgia, ec. have claimed their conditions were relieved just by taking sea salt. However, there are variations, that worked better, such as sea salt + a couple of drops hydrogen peroxide, sea salt + vitamin C and lemon, sea salt plus apple cider vinegar, etc.
NB you need to use unrefined salt ;

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