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what to do about piles

What are Hemorrhoids or piles?

Excess pressure in the abdominal or anal area causes enlargement or inflammation to the anus-tissue.

The enlargement can be External kind – which are tender, itchy, hard bumps that are painful and accompanied by bright red blood, or Internal, where hemorrhoids develop inside the rectum about 1 inch above the anus. They are painless, cannot be felt or seen. But they often bleed a dark rust colored blood when they are swollen.
What are the symptoms of Hemorrhoids or Piles

1. Pain after bowel movement.
2. Anal itching and discharge of mucous.
3. Painful, hard bump on the edge just outside the anus (External hemorrhoids).
4. Skin protruding outside anal sphincter is moist, swollen and painful (Prolapsed hemorrhoids).
5. After a bowel movement there is bright red blood on the stool or in the toilet bowl.

Causes of Hemorrhoids/Piles

Straining for a bowel movement, constipation, diarrhea, pregnancy (puts additional pressure on the lower abdomen), being obese, leading a sedentary life and eating a low-fiber diet are factors that promote and aggravate hemorrhoids.

Home treatment for Hemorrhoids or Piles

1. Certain foods and beverages like red pepper, mustard, nuts, alcohol, decaffeinated and regular coffee are primary offenders. Try and eliminate these.
2. Inflammation and discomfort can be reduced, by using cold compress or ice packs several times a day.
3. For painful hemorrhoids try sitting in warm water baths.
4. Choose a time for defecating when you aren’t rushed.
5. Vitamin and mineral supplements are of no use.
6. Wear loose clothing and cotton underwear.
7. Witch hazel, cortisone cream, petroleum jelly and zinc oxide paste or powder can soothe itching and ease defecation.
8. Clean the anal region very gently and wipe with pre-moistened wipes or wet paper.

Prevention of Hemorrhoids /Piles

1. Drink at-least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day that improves digestive and bowel movements.
2. Take short breaks, if you are sitting or standing for long periods.
3. Exercising daily improves blood circulation, prevents development of hemorrhoids and constipation and helps in shrinking existing hemorrhoids.
4. Do not use laxatives, because diarrhea can be rough on the hemorrhoids.
5. Lift heavy objects carefully as it can cause pressure on the rectal-anal veins. Bend your knees and pull up with your arms, straightening your legs simultaneously.
6. Obesity exerts pressure and causes hemorrhoids.
7. Constipation can be avoided by eating fiber-rich foods.

NB The herb 'golden seal root' has traditionally been used for piles :
' Many congested conditions in the human body can be treated using the goldenseal remedy, these include sluggish venous conditions, problems such as varicose veins and disorders such as hemorrhoids - the ability of the herb to improve and promote the circulation is helpful in the treatment of all these conditions.'

ps. try using aloe vera juice - a few tablespoons per day in water internally.
pps, do a google search on 'Ganesh Kriya'

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