Thursday, 13 March 2008

Parsons Acupressure technique (

I am very excited to have launched my new website about the Parsons Acupressure Technique (PAT).

Parsons Chiropractic - not just a Chiropractic Clinic - a Life Transforming experience!

The Acupuncture Meridians have been used successfully for over 2000 years
for prevention and healing . There are 1000s of modern research studies on
acupuncture, acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM is
also endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO)*.
Parsons Acupressure Technique (PAT) is the modern interpretation of this
work - invented by UK chiropractor and healer Dr John Parsons. Dr Parsons
has developed PAT over 30 years, combining TCM with Applied
Kineasiology (AK), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),Bioenergetic
Synchronization technique (BEST) and many other alternative natural
therapies, ancient and modern.
The main principle of PAT is that we do not focus on disease , but rather on restoring balance in the body, enlivening the body's own innate
intelligence to do the healing. The body heals itself when interferences are removed.
The meridians are connected to every organ of the body - the heart , lungs, thyroid, gallbladder, etc.
Acupressure (acupuncture without needles) deals with
problems all over the body using the traditional chinese concept that the
body is connected by meridians.
The PAT practitioner is able to detect which of these meridians are out of balance and by applying unique and gentle treatments is able to restore and maintain health in each individual.
No needles are used - just gentle finger pressure.
No unpleasant herbs to boil up or tablets to swollow.
Treatments are available for :
> Weight Loss
> Allergies
> Alzheimers
> Anxiety & Stress
> Arthritis
> Asthma
> Bronchitis
> Chronic Fatigue
> Chronic Pain
> Colitis
> onstipation
> Depression
> Diabetes
> Fibroids
> Fibromyalgia
> Gastritis
> Headaches
> Heart Disease
> Hiatus Hernia
> High Blood Pressure
> Infertility
> Insomnia
> Irritable Bowel
> Menopause
> Multiple Sclerosis
> Sinusitis
> Ulcers
However, regarding this list we sould be aware that all disease ("dis-ease") is the result of a body that is not functioning properly, and the "improper functioning of the body" is caused by the poor way we eat and the poor way we live.
PAT for Weight Loss:
with the Parsons Acupressure Technique (PAT) for weight loss you get a specially tailored programme.

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