Sunday, 23 March 2008

how to attract money using eft (tap your way to wealth)

EFT is a cool tool developed by Gary Craig as a way of simplifying and condensing a number of ‘energy healing’ methods devised by earlier practitioners for use by therapists in this field. It differs mainly in that it is intended to generically rectify certain symptoms of internal imbalance rather than deal with specific developmental or traumatic causes. It is also suited to ‘DIY’ practices, rather than requiring a trained therapist to be present.
Together, these factors make EFT an ideal self-help system - it is relatively simple and easy to learn, does not require ‘belief’ (although active disbelief may prevent it working), and is easy to ‘program’ for any purpose from removing or reducing physical pain to re-scripting limiting beliefs to allow the flow of abundance.

The philosophy underlying this technique involves the belief that as well as all the physical systems identified by Western medicine, the human body has a set of ‘meridians’ or energy channels flowing through it, and that these come to the surface at various specific points. This idea is based on traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture). EFT similarly holds that ‘blockages’ in the meridians can cause disease and other problems, and that tapping gently into the right locations in a particular order while reciting certain phrases can restore flow and so rectify the ‘targeted’ problem.

A majority of Westerners (at least those who have not experienced the real benefits of acupuncture) will probably dismiss this whole idea as nonsense. It is completely without any basis in the scientific world. Yet EFT works for the overwhelming majority of people who try it, and it works well. HOW exactly it works is therefore not of particular importance to anyone who simply wants to benefit from the simple procedures involved.

EFT and Money

If you have read about the 'Law of Attraction' you will know how crucial it is that your expressed desires for financial prosperity are not cancelled out by 'automatic negative beliefs’ lurking in your subconscious mind. A number of effective tools are provided on this site to help 'rescript' such beliefs, but EFT is one such tool that is often overlooked.

EFT homes in straight at the 'symptoms' (the apparent lack of progress towards increasing financial wealth), so it is not necessary to directly address the underlying belief system that is causing this lack of progress. All that is needed is to 'mechanically' go through certain routines a few times each day, and the bconscious mind itself is directed to seek out the causes of a self-imposed limitation, and eradicate them.

One of the best methodologies around for using EFT to clear the way to wealth has been developed by Joe Vitale, working with EFT practitioner Brad Yates. Their ebook package, 'Money Beyond Belief' is now one of the top sellers in the field, and has a host of testimonials that show that real people are getting the results they want from the information. tap this:

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