Friday, 14 December 2007

Quintin (Quentin) Wilson - Top Gear celebrity advocates chiropractic

BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ celebrity has been a huge advocate of chiropractic since his son who was diagnosed as having autism made a ‘miraculous’ recovery after a visit to a Chiropractor.
In the Daily Telegraph Dated Thur 26 May 2005 Quentin said "I'm startled by the difference in Max(his son) before and after chiropractic. He has gone from being labelled autistic and needing a classroom assistant to becoming an active and feisty seven-year-old in mainstream education". They were at the point of putting Max on Ritalin, the drug that is used to treat children with ADHD when they had an "almost surreal" revelation. At a birthday party Max had "done his usual trick of sitting under the table for 2 hours". He met a mother who'd been observing Max and she thought he should go to see her chiropractor as she suspected an imbalance in his skeleton. Although very sceptical the Willson's took him for care and they remember the gentleness of the first adjustment as "it was just a flicking of the bones around the neck and shoulders," said Quentin, but that night, Max slept continuously until morning for the first time since his birth nearly 5 years previously! His speech eating and abilities quickly improved

"This is the unimpeachable testimonial of a man who did not believe in it. We have to raise awareness," said Quentin "because it worked so thoroughly for my son and changed his life and ours. If I can help just one child that's going through what we went through then that's my reward."

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