Sunday, 23 December 2007

Does flouride cause cancer?

"Of all the conditions caused by Fluoride, Cancer is the most life threatening. Adding Fluoride to the water will, according to extremely conservative projections, increase cancer deaths in the UK by at least six people per day. To put it another way, every four hours of every day someone will die from cancer caused by Fluoride. This means that, of the people living in the UK today, at least 100,000 will die of cancer caused by adding Fluoride to the water. Studies show Thyroid cancers increase by up to 400%, bone cancer in young men is increased and there is an overall increase in cancer of 5% in water Fluoridated areas compared to non-Fluoridated areas. Dr Dean Burke, former chief scientist with the National Cancer Institute in the USA, testified before Congress that "Fluoride causes more human cancer deaths and causes it faster than any other chemical I have ever come across". Even if Fluoride was effective, this alone is too high a price to pay. The fact that Fluoride does not work and causes so much other damage to people turns tragedy into obscenity."

from Dr Munro-Hall (dentist)

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