Thursday, 20 December 2007

more on radical honesty

Think about how much less confusion there would be in the world if everybody was upfront and honest about their feelings!
Radical Honesty is not just about not lying, it is about telling people exactly how you feel about them. This does not mean just the bad stuff, the good things too. If people got told on a daily basis that they are amazing people, and they are loved, and they are truly cared about, it would truly be a better world. Who could kill themselves if there are being told they are loved every single day. How can you worry about telling somebody you care about you dont like there outfit, when you would also be telling them how much they mean to you. Think about all the people you have ever thought were your friends who you later found out dont like you. You could constantly surround yourself with people who love and respect you and you love and respect back. No more heartbreaks and no more high school drama. Sure it might cause a small amount of conflict at first but that is irrelavant to goal. If all of society was radically honest, people would get over being offended. After a certain amount of insults, it just wont matter, they just wont give a damn anymore. And it is not like their self esteem would be affected by this, like it would be now, because of all the compliments they are getting. Everybody in the world have other people who care about them, if they know it or not. And a lot of people dont know it, which is the problem.

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