Wednesday, 5 December 2007

chiropractic saves taxpayer £30 million


In 1998, the Gonstead Clinic UK was asked by Sir Paul Condon, then the Commissioner of Police for The Metropolitan Police Service of London (MPS), to develop and introduce a pilot study to determine if Chiropractic treatment could save the MPS money and get the injured officers back to work sooner.

It is well documented in the scientific literature that chiropractic treatment for musculoskeletal and neurologically related conditions such as: neck, shoulder, arm, back, hip, and leg pain is very effective for the acute injury sustained within four weeks.

Our study not only correlates with the findings published within the scientific papers regarding acute injuries, but also was seen to have a similar effect on the chronic back and neck pain cases i.e. Injuries sustained from four weeks to twenty years plus. There are few, if any, studies published that demonstrate the effectiveness of chronic injury management by any medical treatment. Therefore, the data that we accumulated is very exciting from a scientific standpoint as well as a practical and financial view for the corporate workplace.


1. Number of patients treated from 01-10-98 to 31-03-99 115

2. Number of patients with the injury less than 4 weeks 30 26.1

3. Number of patients with the injury greater than 4 weeks 85 73.9

4. Number of satisfied chronic patients 72 84.7

5. Average number of treatments per case 10.7

6. Average cost per case £304.00

As seen above, the chronic cases represent 74% of the pilot study. Even though this study and the above data represent a small sample group, it is these chronic cases which clearly are the candidates for early disability retirement. It is important to note that it is the acute cases if misdiagnosed or treated unsuccessfully, become the chronic statistic. The early retirement option, as well as the number of days lost due to sickness per year, is a tremendous cost to both the MPS and industry alike.

In brief, the clinic treated 115 officers, all of whom would have been discharged on early disability retirement costing the taxpayer £30 million. Within an average of 10 visits, chiropractic treatment utilising the Gonstead Method managed to get 113 of the 115 back to full duty. The Gonstead Clinic was awarded the contract in 1999 to present, and has been keeping the MPS well ever since.

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