Saturday, 8 December 2007

aother statin experience

Fran said...

My husband's cognitive ability has also been adversely affected by 8 years of statins. First was Zocor, then Lipitor for about 5 years. Lipitor 10mg was increased to 20mg and that seems to be the impetus of cognitive decline, including several bouts of TGA. Statins were stopped over 3 years ago, memory improved for a time, but both short term and long term memory are affected now. The closest definition for his current condition is a class of dementia called: confabulation. When he recalls an event his brain fills in anything missing. Those experiencing confabulation aren't really aware they are 'filling in the gaps', but those around notice that details don't match-up. Very frustrating for both parties.

We are retired and in our early 60's, a time when we should be enjoying our retirement. I feel our lives as we knew them before statins, have been stolen from us.

Dr Duane Graveline's book, "Lipitor - Thief of Memory" is how we linked statins to memory loss, but unfortunately, we found out after too much damage was done.


26 November 2007 21:11

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