Friday, 30 March 2012

sports drink of olympics contains poison !

a sports drink made by coca cola is being very widely advertised as the drink for the Olympics - look ye at the ingredients - its full of syrup, salt and sucralose :

"Side Effects and Warnings of Sucralose

One of the most important things to note is that sucralose contains chlorine which can be harmful if consumed in large amounts. Chlorine in sucralose is considered to have carcinogenic effects (cancer causing). Also, excess or regular intake of sucralose can lead to toxicity. Sucralose side effects and warnings can be divided into two types; minor and severe. The following are the minor sucralose side effects in children and adults.
Blurred vision
Shortness of breath
Weight loss
Abdominal pain
Body pain
Cramps (hmmmm, just the thing for athletes then...)
Apart from these, some people also experience severe side effects that are caused due to the effects of sucralose on the important organs of the body. The following are the severe sucralose side effects and warnings:
Panic attacks
Joint pain
Reduced growth rate
Hyperplasia of the pelvis
Heart palpitations
Although there are no known long time sucralose dangers, it is believed to have a negative effect on the liver and the kidneys. Some of the potential effects of sucralose include shrinking of the thymus glands and enlargement of the liver. Sucralose is also believed to be the cause of certain kidney diseases. In pregnant women, intake of sucralose can lead to still birth, abortion, decreased birth weight of the baby, etc. It should be noted that all the above mentioned side effects are potential side effects that may or may not be experienced by people. The number and severity of the side effects also vary from person to person..."

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