Friday, 6 April 2012

“Cholesterol lowering statin drugs increase your risk for heart attacks.”

This from famous exercise trainer Brian Copeland:
“Cholesterol lowering statin drugs increase your risk for heart attacks.”
Says the American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs. They released a report with over 900 clinical studies proving that statins not only increase your risk for heart attacks but cause neurological damage, muscle and bone loss, loss of equilibrium and balance and cognitive and memory loss.

Statin drugs do indeed eliminate cholesterol from the body... but guess what your brain and nerves are made of? ... that's right, cholesterol. In fact your brain is a huge hunk of cholesterol. Nerves are wrapped in a sheeth called myelin which acts as insulation for nerve fibers. Myelin is cholesterol. The more myelin, the faster nerve impulses travel, the less myelin the slower they travel.

Now think about the impact on your brain power! You want more myelin.

When Einstein died they disected his brain hoping to find the answers to his genius... guess what they found... lots and lots of myelin a.k.a. cholesterol.

The last thing you want to do is decrease cholesterol.

As cholesterol levels drop your body's ability to repair and rebuild nerves decreases as well. This is why peripheral neropathy is a common symptom of people on statins. Peripheral neuropathy is a condition where your nerves die, usually starting in the feet and hands and working their way closer to the core. This is what happens in extreme cases of diabetes.

Bottom line, protect your cholesterol don't destroy it!

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