Thursday, 1 March 2012

garlic for toothache

got toothache so am trying garlic (along with the usual daily oil pulling):
. A fresh garlic clove cut sideways placed over the painful tooth and a clove over any other painful area of the mouth held in mouth for at least 20 seconds (longer if possible) and then spit out created a new burning sensation. It burns a bit and throbs when removed but about a minute later and voila - toothache gone! Not only is it immediately gone - but it also does not come back.

I wanted to find out more about why this worked so I looked into garlic. What I learned was garlic has been used as medicine by many cultures for thousands of years. They even used it during the first war when medication was not readily available. They would cut the garlic lengthwise, place on the open wound, which would help to eliminate pain and speed up healing process.

The active ingredient, Allicin, grows only in fresh raw garlic. It is an antimicrobial drug, which can fight a wide array of infections relieving pain and suffering. So the next time you are experiencing a massive toothache remember - a fresh clove of garlic, cut lengthwise ...

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Wallace Jans said...

Garlic is inexpensive, readily available almost anywhere in the world, and has only one side effect - odor. Great post!