Saturday, 24 November 2007

Magnesium oil - powerful form of magnesium

The Following are Excerpts taken from Transdermal Magnesium Therapy Book
by Mark Sirus, O.M.D.

What is exciting about this form of magnesium is that it is easily absorbed into the body through the skin and is delivered directly to the cellular level, thereby completely bypassing the body's natural rejection of magnesium as is so often experienced with oral supplementation. There are no reactions of nausea or diarrhea, and yet, the magnesium levels in the body can be significantly increased in this manner.

Some of the conditions magnesium may be useful in treating or preventing are:

Aging Aggressive Behavior

Alcoholism Alzheimer's Disease

Arrhythmia Asthma

Attention Deficit Disorder Autism

Brain Damage Cancer

Cerebral Palsy Cerebrovascular

Chemical Sensitivity Chronic Fatigue

Cluster Headaches Constipation

Cramps Diabetes

Fibromyalgia Fluoride Toxicity

Head Injuries, Central Nervous System Injuries

HIV, AIDS Heart Disease. Heart Attack,

Atherosclerosis, Cardiovascular Disease,

Hypertension Kidney Stones

Lou Gehrigs Disease (ALS) Migraine Headache

Menopause Symptom Multiple Sclerosis

Mitral Valve Prolapse Peripheral vascular disease

Osteoporosis Premenstrual Syndrome, PMS

Psychiatric Disorders Repetitive Strain Injury

Rheumatoid Arthritis Sickle Cell Diseas

SIDS Sports-related problems

Stroke Stress

Stuttering Tetanus TMJ

Stress begets stress. The lower your magnesium level, the lower your threshold for new stress - thus, you become increasingly more sensitive - more adrenalin, greater magnesium loss, greater sensitivity, etc. Soon the intracellular magnesium level is no longer 10 times that of serum and the cells are in a chronic state of hyperexcitability. anxiety, irritability, anger, depression and mood swings are
just the tip of the iceberg of magnesium deficient symptoms.

Attention Deficit Anxiety Confusion

Diarrhea or Constipation Fatigue Faintness

Depression Intestinal Problems
Hyperventilation Insomnia

Muscle Cramps Muscle Tightness

Muscle Twitches Pain

Poor Memory Seizures

Excerpts taken from Magnesium Deficiency in "Holy Water, Sacred Oil" by Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., PhD (available at Amazon )


Lester K. said...

I enjoyed Dr. Sircus's book. He sheds a completely new light on magnesium chloride for healing, and how to use it for many health conditions. After reading his book, I ordered magnesium oil from Health Products Distributors (HPDI):

The Ancient Minerals and Ocean Minerals magnesium oils work extremely well. These are natural magnesium solutions recommended by Dr. Sircus.

I must add that I don't get results like this from magnesium capsules. My tight muscles melt and pains vanish. Unless I discover a better product, I will continue using magnesium oil every day.

lester k. said...

A Fall Update: Magnesium Flakes and Gel

I am still so impressed with magnesium oil, especially the ultra pure Ancient Minerals oil available from Integrated Health (HPDI). However, they now offer magnesium flakes and magnesium gel, too!

HPDI's magnesium flakes and gel are the same ancient minerals from Zechstein's seabed. The flakes are very cost effective and work best in baths and footbaths (but you can use them to make your own magnesium oil). The gel works best for skin conditions, like psoriasis, dry skin, hives, and insect bites. I still like the oil best for most purposes because it remains the most concentrated form, and my body absorbs it fastest.

Amazingly, I have avoided mosquito bites ever since I started using magnesium oil. Turns out that Ancient Minerals magnesium (oil, flakes, and gel) amazingly repels mosquitoes like nothing else!

Magnesium oil definitely has changed my life for the better. Fewer aches and pains after exercise, improved sleep, and better ability to concentrate. Wow. I recommend magnesium oil (and flakes and gel) to anyone who needs it. That seems to be just about everyone I know. Most of my friends can't thank me enough. I suggest you try some, and experience it for yourself. Be prepared for a pleasant surprise.

For more information, you can Dr. Sircus's book, or visit his website to read some excellent articles:

Thank you Dr. Sircus for providing the best information about magnesium chloride to everyone who want to learn about it.

Anonymous said...

I feel more depressed after using the oil. Is this a short term thing as the body heals?

johndaddy said...

I know I have ADD, or atleast some form at concentration problems. I have tried Adderall, Ritalin and Focalin (without presciption).
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