Sunday, 11 November 2007

hypo-active thyroid?

Nearly 11 million of us have a hypo-active thyroid, and Hypothyroidism is linked to obesity and high cholesterol..
According to the Mayo Clinic "women, especially those older than 50, are more likely to have hypothyroidism than men are. Hypothyroidism seldom causes symptoms in the early stages, but over time, untreated hypothyroidism can cause a number of health problems, such as obesity, joint pain, infertility and heart disease".

Television talk show host and actress Oprah Winfrey said a thyroid condition slowed her metabolism and caused her to gain nine kilos.

"My body was turning on me," Winfrey, 53, says in the October issue of O, the Oprah Magazine. "First hyperthyroidism, which sped up my metabolism and left me unable to sleep for days. Most people lose weight. I didn't."

Winfrey says she then experienced hypothyroidism, which slowed her metabolism and made her constantly sleepy.

An exhausted and stressed Oprah Winfrey discovered the condition after finishing taping of her shows in May. She took a month-long break in Hawaii to regain her health.

Hypothyroidism, also called under-active thyroid, is a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough thyroid hormone to regulate the needs of the body. Even though it’s linked to many of our modern day ills, many of us are unaware that our thyroid may be the culprit. Hypothyroidism is often misdiagnosed by doctors, because the symptoms are so diverse and vary with each person. Sometimes doctors attribute your symptoms to other causes.

Think back to those years when you felt fabulous! You had energy to burn, passion for living, and a feeling of vitality that carried you through the day and night. You were feeling great.
Did your “get up and go” just get up and leave?

Are you one of those 11 million people thinking, “I guess I’m just getting old,” and wishing it weren’t true? Do you feel blue and depressed? Is your skin is dry? Do you have brittle hair? You don’t understand why you’re gaining weight, and your hands and feet are always cold.
According to the Mayo Clinic, these are all symptoms of hypothyroidism.
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browynnath said...

Thanks for the great thyroid and thyroid supplement information. I also did not realize that Oprah went from hyper to hypo. My Nana used to have that problem too!