Saturday, 24 November 2007

magnesium and cancer

Magnesium stabilizes ATP , allowing
DNA and RNA transcriptions and repairs.

There is a power and a force in magnesium that cannot be equaled anywhere else in the world of medicine. There is no substitute for magnesium in human physiology; nothing comes even close to it in terms of its effect on overall cell physiology. Without sufficient magnesium, the body accumulates toxins and acid residues, degenerates rapidly, and ages prematurely. It goes against a gale wind of medical Science to ignore magnesium chloride used transdermally in the treatment of any chronic or acute disorder, especially cancer. (magnesium chloride is from Sea Salt )

Magnesium repletion produced rapid
disappearance of the periosteal tumors.

Aleksandrowicz et al in Poland conclude that inadequacy of Mg and antioxidants are important risk factors in predisposing to leukemias. Other researchers found that 46% of the patients admitted to an ICU in a tertiary cancer center presented hypomagnesemia.

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