Sunday, 13 April 2008

how to fight off a cold, naturally

Many nutritionists recommend that you avoid eating a lot of solid foods when you are fighting off a cold.
When you're sick, you want to cleanse. You don't want to put heavy foods into your system.
So, if not food, what should you be putting into your body, and what should you avoid?

Lemon Water

Orange juice is a well-known home remedy for fighting colds, because it is a good source of vitamin C.
However people should drink juices, but not orange juice. Orange juice is actually high in fruit sugar, which feeds viruses and weakens the immune system.
Instead, try lemon juice in hot/warm water as a replacement, because it lacks the high levels of sugar.

Green Smoothie

Another good replacement is a smoothie filled with greens such spinach and kale. Mix it with some water and berries, blend it up and you have healthy, filling alternative to that glass of OJ.
The greens have a very high amount of B vitamins, including B-12, and also have a high amunt of fiber, and that fiber helps your liver to detoxify. It really helps the person's metabolism.

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