Sunday, 29 January 2012

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The Czech Republic is more than just good beer and Prague. Here live fairy tales and myths, and Rübezahl are small mole at home. Virtually undiscovered by German tourists skiing areas in the Czech Giant Mountains now as a very successful and, above all, attractive recreational destination. In addition to the safe snow, it is primarily the people and their creative ideas that make a vacation in the Czech Republic very nice.
Tanvaldsky Spicák
The mountain and its appearance are the inspiration for the naming of the famous ski resort in the Czech Republic. How much of the tooth extends into the mountain landscape, entwined around the very good roads. This resort is situated near the Saxon border in the middle of the Giant Mountains. The difficulty of the slopes ranges from low to very difficult. Thanks to tow and chair all slopes are very accessible. The proximity to the German border makes a day trip to Spicak easy. Especially for families with children the resort holds some ready. While the parents are on the difficult slopes on the road, the children are cared for in a separate area with its own ski lift for children. I Spicák to your children are safe in the best. Snowboarders also have the opportunity to present their art in a subway train ramp. Recommended are the Nachtskiläufe from Spicák II A day ticket for adults costs to EUR 190

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