Monday, 23 November 2009

hulda clark sayings

"Treat others as you would treat your grandmother ;) Don’t live by money, the richest people are the poorest humblest mind set! Inner outer happiness conquers all disease! Look down time to time when searching for answers. They have been under your nose the whole time. Clues are there you just have to look :) Never preach opinions or answers till you have gotten your hands dirty to have an honest answer.

Lastly don’t ever ever ever ever ever bring your self down! When you fall pick your self up, when you get hit get up! CANCER starts with the mind. You are what you eat, you are who you surround yourself with!!!!!!!!!

You are GOD! your body is a temple! What you invest in yourself you will get in return!

We all bleed the color red, we are all equal animals, we are no different so treat life with respect and mother nature will give back. Trust me!"

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