Thursday, 30 April 2009

back pain...

from Dr Al Sears MD:
"A couple of years ago I discovered a great
organization called The Healthy Back
Institute. Back pain is their speciality. They provide
many helpful tools and solutions for back pain sufferers that
dont involve drugs
Here are some of their tips to help you get you
out of bed in the morning pain-free. These are tips that I have been
using for years with my patients, so I know they work.

Here is a tip to get the deep sleep you need so
your body can repair: Forget about those troubles or conversations or
tasks that need addressing; you can handle them tomorrow. Also, be
sure to sleep either on your side or on your back;as stomach
sleeping causes unnecessary stress on the low back and spine. Plus,
consider a melatonin supplement to get a deep, natural sleep.

Do some easy stretches while lying in bed, then
sitting up in bed - such as bending to the front and sides. This
will stretch and loosen the muscles and help flush them with more

Take a hot shower. This serves as a means to
induce sweating, promote blood circulation and release muscle spasms.
Simply stand under the hot water and relax.

After you are warmed up from the shower, do
some gentle knee bends as far as you can go without falling! You
can hold on to something for balance, if needed. Find a counter, table
or chair and use your hands for support. You don't have to go all the
way down, either. These exercise almost 90% of the skeletal muscles.
Exhale and squat as low as you can go, then inhale and stand up again.
Do 10 of these to get the morning blood flowing and creaky joints

These simple tips followed with a little dedication and
some minor lifestyle changes can help you overcome morning back pain
and stiffness in no time. And be sure to check
out The Healthy Back Institutes
website to learn more about some of their innovative
back pain solutions and get a free Pain Relief Guide. They're a
great resource":

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