Thursday, 2 April 2009

back pain

Lose The Back Pain

After viewing The Healthy Back Institute's Lose The Back Pain
System, all I can say is that it's excellent for
back pain and sciatica. This team of doctors,
physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and personal
trainers put together a complete package.

The system teaches you how to self-asses your specific conditions
and how to correct it. The corrective exercises and stretches are
performed by the individuals as demonstrated in the 2 DVD's and
Manual. One of the neatest aspects of this self assesment is that
it takes away the guessing. The very first step involves having
someone take pictures of your posture in several different
specified positions and angles. This is used in determining which
stretches and exercises should be performed to CORRECT the problem.
That is the whole intention of this system; TO CORRECT. Most back
pain is caused by muscle imbalances which lead to compensation
therefore pain. The exercises and stretches that you will perform,
are intended to correct those imbalances to get rid of your pain.

There are also two CD's which outline how to get the best results
out of the system, strategies to reduce and manage your pain, and
condition specific recommendations.

What most doctors recommend when you tell them you have back pain
is to take addictive muscle relaxers and pain killers. And in
some cases surgery, which from most of the post-surgery patients
i've seen, most haven't had relief. Often times they just traded
one problem for another.

Therefore, it is my recommendation that anyone with back pain or
Sciatica try the Lose The Back Pain system by The Healthy Back
Institute. It is a natural way of correcting your condition and
becoming pain free.

To learn more about this revolutionary treatment system, please

Dr John
Parsons chiropractic

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