Thursday, 19 February 2009

Lymphedema pain relief - water

There are more than two million breast cancer survivors in the U.S., but treatment leaves many of those women with painful side effects. Now there is new hope for relief, thanks to some new research.

The condition happens when lymph nodes are removed and fluid can't drain properly. Finding relief is often difficult. Oncologist, Dr. Michael Grant said, "Unfortunately, there's no good treatments for Lymphedema."

Tight compression bandages are one traditional approach, but now there's something new. Water exercise. The low-impact activity and hydrostatic pressure appears to be a double-whammy against Lymphedema. "It totally alleviated the pain, almost immediately. It's such a simple thing to make me feel so much better," said pain sufferer, Mejia.

There are still questions about water therapy. Dr. Grant said, "What we'd like to know is, is this something that's effective long-term or is it just effective while you do it."

Mejia was part of a small pilot study. Researchers are now planning a larger study into the possible benefits of water therapy in treating Lymphedema.

But Mejia has all of the proof she needs. She said, "I can not even begin to tell you how wonderful it is to not have any pain, and to totally just go on with your life."

so gentle exercise in water is definately worth trying if you have this condition..


Emmagene said...

Studies are beginning to show ties between Lymphedema and flying in airplanes - possibly from the pressurized cabin? There are pressurized sleeves that are sold at pharmacies to help protect breast cancer survivors from the onset of Lymphedema.

One of the best things you can do to handle lymphedema is range of motion exercises. There is a fantastic video called "Focus on Healing" ( that was produced by a professional dancer to help her mother and later herself to deal with the effects of breast cancer surgery and prevent lymphedema.

The video is distributed by yoga master Shoosh Crotzer through Enhancement Inc, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for women during and after breast cancer. “Focus on Healing” is used by 350 hospitals an has sold over 12,500 copies.

Hope this helps!

pdxchrissy said...

I have never flown in an airplane. I am the only one in my family who has lymphedema, but then again, I am the one who came down with non hodgkins lymphoma (stage 1--insolent) and I have a feeling there in lies the problem. I am not a big water drinker (shame, shame) and I know that helps. I do however, live in a fixer upper house and I've noticed that whenever I have a flare up (simultaneously with a project that needs completion) painting with a roller works miracles on my arms (which is the only place I have the lymphedema). I have drawn the conclusion that for me, exercise of the arms works in reducing the time I endure the lymphedema. I go to bed with popeye arms and wake up with olive oil arms. Just a goofy comment for you all. And remember, you are not alone with this disorder.

Anonymous said...

That is an interesting perspective that I have never considered. I do remember taking a flight from Chicago to Orlando and found it strange that I was experiencing some swelling in my hand when I got there. Fortunately, I had just bought a product called Lymphedema Reliever a couple weeks before my trip. It's a product made specifically for Lymphedema patients and helps in moving fluids and inflamation while decreasing the size of the swelling. My physical therapist recommended I purchase it for at home therapy. I bought mine on line at amazon, but I think you can also search Lymphedema Reliever to find it.

allaping pong said...

I had kidney stones. And i had a stint in my right side and then later my left side kidneys. About 1 and a half yrs later.....lymphedema in my legs. In about 4 months I gained 20 lbs of water. I am the only 1 in my family with this. I have gone on a veagan, gluten free diet. I have lost those 20 lbs. and hope to keep going down. The diet is very hard. I love meat. But. I love myself more so its worth it. I live making lemonade. And then i blend a cucumber really good and then mix them. The citric acid prevents my stones and the cucumber makes. Me expel water. Great all natural diuretic. Hope this helps.