Sunday, 1 February 2009

Chiropractic changes thinking!


I have noticed that many people report increased feelings of wellbeing following chiropractic adjustments (not just because their back pain has gone!).
Why is this ?
A recent experience from my distinguished colleague Dr Nick Hodgson may give us a clue:

"In May I was privileged to be invited to train a group of Chiropractors in Johannesburg in Torque Release Chiropractic Technique. The organiser had struck up a conversation with a PhD Psychologist who specialises in Brain EEG mapping, and when he had suggested to her that he believed that a chiropractic adjustment changed brain function, she had politely snubbed him based on her scientific experience.
When he asked me what to do I suggested that he invite her to our program and ask if she would be willing to do pre and post exams on the Chiropractors that were adjusted at the end of a long day of training. She happily accepted the challenge. We only had time to do a limited (“statistically insignificant”) number of trials, and afterward when we asked her what she had observed she commented that each participant had experienced a “shift” in their brain function.
Most of us being EEG novices we pressed her further to explain this – apparently it usually takes approximately 6 months of neurobiofeedback to achieve this phenomenon – not bad response to the carefully selected delivery of 1-3 primary subluxation adjustments?
Her response was to demand that I adjust her before she left – I think her scientific opinion had been shifted".

There is published research that supports the observation that chiropractic adjustments change brain function...

So our comprehension of the spine as being "ligaments, muscle, discs, joints and biomechanics" needs to mature to "neurones, neuropeptides, and brain holography" . In other words our understanding of chiropractic and the spine needs to shift from a "bone/back focus" to a "nerve/brain focus".
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follow the websites to see the research...

(1) The effect of the Chiropractic adjustment on the brain wave pattern as measured by QEEG. A Four Case Study. Summarizing an additional 100 (approximately) cases over a three year period. (Richard Barwell, D.C.; Annette Long, Ph.D; Alvah Byers, Ph.D; and Craig Schisler, B.A., M.A., D.C.)

(2) New Science Behind Chiropractic Care sensorimotor integration with cervical spine manipulation. Haavik Taylor H and Murphy B. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. Feb 2008.

(3) New Technique Introduced - EEG Confirms Results: (Jay Holder. ICAC Journal, May 1996.)

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