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chiropractic and addictions

Reward Deficiency Syndrome and Addictions

It is estimated that at least 20% of the American population suffers from some form of addiction or compulsive disorder, including attention deficit /with or without hyperactivity disorders (ADD, ADHD).

The five primary addictions are work, food, sex, gambling and chemical addictions.

Chemical addictions include, but are not limited to: alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, opiates, amphetamines, barbiturates, methadone, prescription drugs, sedatives, hypnotics, Ecstasy, antidepressants and even caffeine.

The total cost of addictive behaviors in terms of family disintegration, loss of labor productivity, illness, injury and death is staggering. Over 80% of all crimes are related to addictions or substance abuse. There is now evidence that addictions account for 69% of all drownings, 68% of manslaughters, 52% of rapes, 50% of spousal abuse, 50% of traffic fatalities, 38% of child abuse and 20-35% of all suicides.

The disease of addiction is multifactorial, having genetic, psychological, physical and spiritual components. Recent research has shown a genetic component in the form of a defective gene for the Dopamine D2 receptor. When functioning optimally, the human organism is capable of producing a cascade of neurotransmitters within the Central Nervous System which results in a sense and feeling of well-being. This is called the Brain Reward Cascade.

People suffering from the defective gene are unable to produce a reward cascade. We then say that they suffer from Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS). Those individuals are unable to produce a feeling of well-being and, consequently, turn to addictive substances or compulsives behaviors that momentarily make them feel better.

RDS can be manifested in mild forms such as chain smoking or in more severe forms such as in chemical addictions.

Alcohol addictions, obesity (as a result of carbohydrates bingeing), nicotine addiction, attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder, cocaine addiction, Tourette’s Syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorders are centrally mediated Reward Deficiency Syndromes.

Chiropractic, Subluxation and Addictions

Many things can interfere with the normal function of the Brain Reward Cascade, including, but not limited to: genetic factors; loss of normal neurological function (vertebral subluxations) due to physical, emotional and chemical traumas; illness, nutritional deficiencies; and drug and medication interactions.

In vertebrates, the vertebral motor units are intimately related with the Brain Reward Cascade by virtue of the nocioceptive reflex from vertebral joints to the limbic system (where the cascade takes place). Research has shown that the limbic system is not just in the brain, but also extend to the spinal cord (especially the dorsal roots and dorsal horn).

In light of this research, a subluxation-free spine is a requisite for the Brain Reward Cascade to express itself fully and allow the individual to experience optimal well-being.

The beneficial effects of subluxation-based chiropractic care in enhancing the well-being of individuals suffering from addictions has been demonstrated in a landmark randomized, placebo control, single blind study published in the very prestigious scientific journal Molecular Psychiatry.

The study – designed by Robert Duncan, PhD at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and Dr. Jay Holder, chiropractor and medical director of Exodus Treatement Center – has demonstrated that chiropractic adjustment of the spine of addicts enhanced their ability to complete a 30-day treatment protocol at a remarkable 100% retention (compared to 56% in the group not receiving chiropractic). The chiropractic group also had significantly lower anxiety levels and did not require as many visits to the nurse station.

Discovery Health Channel airs documentary segment on chiropractic and addictions

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