Thursday, 4 December 2008

why don't I ‘pop’ or ‘crack’ spines?

Many people when they think of chiropractic care envision their spines
being twisted, yanked, and pulled on with great force. In our office we
offer our patients a low force gentle technique that can
address the structural problems in the body. We use an electronically
controlled instrument called an Arthrostim that provides gentle
repeated tapping motions to help loosen stuck spinal joints and reduce
painful muscle spasms.

The Arthrostim instrument works to correct Subluxations in the spine,
and can also be used safely on the joints of the arms, and legs. Many
people who suffer from shoulder, elbow, and wrist pain as well as hip,
knee, and ankle/foot pain greatly benefit with the low force care.

The Arthrostim (TM) also works well for people that are suffering in great
pain as well as those in chronic pain. An added advantage of using the
Arthrostim (TM)instrument is that patients can be treated standing,
sitting, or laying down. Many people only experience pain and other
problems in certain positions. For example, sitting is often a problem for
people where as laying down is not. By using the Arthrostim instrument
a patient can be worked on sitting down or whatever position is causing
the pain.

The Arthrostim (TM) instrument is a versatile instrument that is
exceptional for people of all age ranges and conditions. It is gentle
enough for newborns and children as well as adults of all ages and
conditions. Many of our patients report that it is more comfortable
adjustment/treatment and they feel better in a shorter period of time.

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