Thursday, 4 December 2008


If the credit crunch is making you work longer hours, and your stress
levels are increasing, take care. Your body may start complaining.

I’ve noticed a big increase in neck, back and shoulder pain since the
beginning of the credit crunch at my busy practice in Hough Lane, Leyland.
I believe it’s a direct consequence of increased pressure and hours of work,
and the stress and anxiety we’ve all been suffering in the past couple of months hasn"t helped.
You can’t hold excessive levels of tension in your muscles without causing
backache and neck pain.

According to BackCare, the charity for healthier backs, 40 to 50 per cent
of the UK population will suffer from some kind of back pain each year,
and about one in 10 GP consultations is for back pain.
"It’s well known that stress exacerbates any underlying problem, and that
sitting hunched in front of a computer screen for hours is asking for
trouble – An increased workload also means that you’re more likely to
leave out going to the gym an not have time for a relaxing walk in the
So how can you keep yourself healthy in these testing times? You need to pay
attention to pain and discomfort. Take preventative
action, find a physical activity or sport you enjoy to counteract the
periods of stress and visit your local chiropractor if you are in pain. To
help local people I am offering a free consultation until 23rd December.
Call 01772 431133 for details

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