Tuesday, 26 August 2008


from DR Al SEARS MD:
"Why Cholesterol Will Make You Live Better, Longer
Is everyone still telling you that cholesterol will kill you? Every time you see your doctor does he tell you to drive your cholesterol lower? And all those
TV commercials tell you how important it is to get your cholesterol
But I've got a stack of studies on my desk proving that people with
the highest cholesterol live the longest!
Your body needs a
good supply of cholesterol. Even LDL, which youve been told
is bad cholesterol is needed by your body. I can prove that
LDL is critical for fighting infection in your body. And theres
proof that people with low LDL are more vulnerable to infection. This
sometimes can be fatal.
The truth is if you follow modern medicine's advice on cholesterol, you may as well be playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun. Drive your cholesterol
levels down and you put yourself at greater risk for cancer, major
depression, chronic illness, fatigue, low sex drive, broken bones and
weakened muscles, and brain disorders.

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