Friday, 15 August 2008

botox - poisons your face!

I would personally advise against the use of Botox for rejunevation. Botox is a neuro toxin, and as such, paralyzes the muscles causing them to atrophy. The effect tends to diminish lines. The down side of this is, as the muscle weakens, it tends to sag more over time.
This is where the idea of Botox had its conception: It was noticed that stroke victims, involving facial paralysis, exhibited, within time, a nearly line free, smooth face. However, they also exhibited considerable droop. It was discovered that by "freezing" certain muscles with a neuro toxin a similar result could be achieved. However, droop will occur. It is not as noticeable because the muscles usually being treated are the corrugators or orbicularis oculi muscle on the outer aspects, which are small. But anytime muscle wasting occurs, sag soon follow. Botox 'victims' come to look like stroke victims!
There are many natural methods of rejuvenation to explore: face lift acupuncture, Maharishi Ayurveda, living a stress-free life, improving one's diet, etc.

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