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Setting your Passion Ablaze

Setting your Passion Ablaze

Turn up the heat in the bedroom
In order to give your libido a boost and set your passion ablaze, you really need
to take care of one thing… making sure you give your body what it needs, to
perform the way you want it to.

Sounds simple? Well it is… Desire, sex and even the big O, are all normal, natural, functions
for a healthy body. 

A very big factor in keeping our body healthy is what we eat. For a great sex life, the body
requires plenty of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Omega oils: Your nutrition is an
essential key to enjoying great sex, and adding Super foods to your diet is an excellent,
natural way, to make sure you're giving everything your body needs. Let's run through
a few of them:

Think about zinc

Perhaps the most important mineral for men, is Zinc. Zinc is essential for fertility, libido,
levels of testosterone and overall sexual health, and Zincs' most vital roll is the production
of healthy sperm. If you're lacking in zinc then your sperm count will be less, you're going
to have smaller volume of semen, and also less testosterone. Zinc is also present in semen,
and with each ejaculation you can lose up to 5mg of zinc - that's one third of your
recommended daily allowance! 

To really boost your semen levels, sperm quality and sexual desires make sure you are
getting enough zinc. Bee PollenChia SeedsSpirulinaChlorella are all high in Zinc

Vitamins for sex hormones

Vitamin A (or Beta-carotine as it's more commonly known) is important too. Being
deficient in vitamin A has been linked to a decreased production of sex hormones in
both men and women. It could also cause testicular shrinkage in men and atrophy
of the ovaries in women. One of the highest sources of Vitamin A from any food, is from
Goji Berries, and they're delicious too! Others include dark green foods, such as SpirulinaChlorella,wheatgrass powder and barley grass powder.

Dark stimulation and desire

For ladies, are you looking for some dark stimulation? Raw Cacao - the main ingredient
of chocolate, can really hit the spot when it comes to sexual desire. It contains a stimulating
amino acid called phenylethlamine. Phenylethlamine creates a sense of excitement similar to
those we have when falling in love or having an orgasm, it increases your endorphin levels,
boosting your mood and acts as an aphrodisiac! 

Cacao also contains an amino acid tyrosine, and tyrosine creates an important libido-boosting
hormone in our body called dopamine. The more dopamine we have, the stronger our libido.
Cacao also contains Magnesium and the ultimate bliss chemical Anandamide, which together
create feelings of happiness and relaxation.  A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine
concluded that women who enjoyed apiece of chocolate every day had a more active sex life
than those who didn't.

Omega-3 and sex hormones

Omega-3 oils are good for your heart and they're also good for your hormones. Omega-3
oil are polyunsaturated fats, which are metabolised by the liver to produce the two important
sex hormones: testosterone and oestrogen. These sex hormones could well give your sex
drive a boost. According to Forbes magazine, omega-3 fatty acids also help your nervous
system function better, leading to improved neurological function and contributing to good
circulation. Chia seeds contain lots of omega-3 oils, and unlike linseeds are easy to eat and
don't require grinding. Bee Pollen, Spirulina, Wheatgrass Powder, and Hemp Protein are
also good sources too.

The Ecstasy vitamin

As it happens Vitamin E could also stand for 'ecstasy'. This is because of its ability to help
produce not only sex hormones but also those feelings of attraction, desire and mood. If
you want to unleash your desire then make sure you're getting enough vitamin E. 

Vitamin E  is also a very powerful antioxidant, it also slows the signs of ageing, keeping
you looking young, which could  indirectly give your sex life a boost. Spirulina, Chlorella,
Bee Pollen, Wheatgrass Powder are all great sources of vitamin E.

A natural Viagra 

Organic Maca Powder, from Peru has been shown in studies to increases both libido
and fertility in men and women. It also increases the quality and volume of semen for men,
 and balances the hormones in women experiencing sexual dysfunction with the menopause.

ref: Asian Journal of Andrology December 2001, Andrologia December 2002, Menopause
November-December 2008

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