Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dr John's Health File: wrist and hand pain in musicians

I just treated a well known local musician today (double bass player) I used Koren Specific Technique (KST) – he had repetitive strain in the wrist. Certainly had better movement afterwards... I also used Advanced Muscle Rehabilitation as taught by Brian Bronk – here is a description of him treating famous jazz pianist: Les McCann, a legendary jazz piano player and singer, was around 60 years of age when he suffered a stroke on stage during one of his concerts. Afterward his right hand was partially paralyzed, stuck like a fist. His thumb could move, but his fingers were stuck in a clenched fist position. When he went back to playing piano he could vamp chords with his left hand but couldn’t play with the right, so he brought in a couple other instruments to take over solos. A mutual friend referred him in. Did I have a clue this could be fixed? Not one. My friend had more faith in me than I did. He said, “Do me a favor and see what you can do.” And this is how I know what I know – don’t think, just work. It took a dozen one-hour sessions working from his elbow to his hand when one day it broke free and was reborn right before our eyes. Les cried like a baby, he knew he was free at last. Of course his hand was weak and would take some time to regain strength, but we’ve rarely worked on it since, instead focusing on other areas. Les claims the fingers on his right hand are 98% resolved, and enjoys playing piano fluidly again with both hands. “In the four years of therapy and all the therapists I had met before Dr Bronk, nothing can compare to the treatments of Dr Bronk.” "

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