Tuesday, 27 December 2011

latex in fruit and vegetables, omega 3,6, etc

Between 1950 and 1999 nutrients in garden crops
decreased for protein, calcium, phosphorus, Riboflavin
and Vitamin C. Dry eye syndrome in women increases
when omega 6 intake is more than 6 times omega 3.
Latex exposure comes from inhaled auto tires, but
immune system is depressed by eating foods laden
with naturally occurring latex. Nutrient changes
needed as we age are to avoid latex in food, decrease
gluten and omega 6, and replace nutrients not in the
food supply.
Western diets have a net acid load causing metabolic
acidosis that worsens with age as kidney functions
decline. Western diets are also low in B-vitamin and
Helpful nutrients: Centrum Silver reverses cataracts,
omega 3 fish oil reverses dry eye syndrome, and 80
mg. of zinc oxide lowers mortality.
Western diets contain excess saturated and trans fatty
acids. After 3.5 years taking 850 mg/day omega 3,
subjects with pre-existing cardiovascular disease
reported a 20 percent reduction in mortality, a 45
percent reduction in sudden death, and prevented
many inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.
The latex chemical problem has increased because
latex is trapped in the plant when picked green to ship,
then latex becomes injury protein when plant or fruit is
treated with ethylene gas as is done in all grocery
warehouses. Symptoms are stiffness, fatigue, aches,
redness on chin, cheeks, ears, and forehead and
burning eyes. Dried, frozen, and canned foods have
less latex.

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