Wednesday, 12 October 2011

mercury in your mouth

getting interested in this because I have a lot of amalgam fillings in my teeth.

from David Saxon MD :

"The major source of mercury poisoning in the United States is dental amalgam. Dental amalgams are usually alloys composed of mercury, silver, and tin with small amounts of copper and zinc. These alloys solidify at room temperature and are used to fill in cavities, or build up tooth surfaces for restoration. Dental amalgams contain about 50% mercury, and mercury has been shown to be more toxic than lead, cadmium, and arsenic. Mercury vaporizes at room temperature. The temperature in your mouth is much higher.

Fifteen Facts about Mercury and Dental Amalgams

1. Mercury vapor is the common manner in which mercury comes out of amalgam.
2. Mercury from amalgam binds to sulphydryl groups. These exist in almost every enzymatic process in the body. Mercury from amalgam will thus have the potential of disturbing all metabolic processes.
3. Mercury vapor is absorbed directly into the brain.
4. Mercury from amalgam will result in a slow build up of mercury in body tissue.
5. Mercury crosses the blood-brain barrier.
6. Mercury is implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease.
7. Mercury crosses the placenta.
8. Mercury will cause an increase in number and severity of allergies.
9. Mercury from amalgam will migrate through the tooth.
10. This rate of migration is increased if a gold crown is placed over a tooth filled with amalgam.
11. In the brain, mercury from amalgam is stored preferentially in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus.
12. Micro-mercurialism is principally characterized by neurological symptoms.
13. Mercury from amalgam may be stored in every cell in the body. Each area affected will produce its own set of symptoms.
14. Brain levels of mercury are in direct linear proportion to the number of amalgam surfaces in the mouth.
15. Dental personnel are severely effected by exposure to mercury."

so the next step is to look at removal and detox - will keep you posted ( if I have any brain cells left!)


Wallace Jans, D.C. said...

Go for it! Getting her amalgams removed absolutely changed my wife's life. She is always the first to praise the benefits of getting rid of the mercury and also the necessity of a thorough detox.

DDS Grand Rapids said...

Wow. Thanks for these points. It is indeed important to have your mercury fillings removed by a biocompatibility trained dentists.