Wednesday, 11 August 2010

fetal cure

came across this interesting idea for boosting the immune system - am trying it - so will keep you posted
john :

"One just places a piece of a cotton ball in one ear ,
(either ear and you can switch ears for comfort sake)
the size of a small marble (not so big to be
incomfortable, but big enough to cause a little
pressure) and poke it in gently until it stops going
in any more to where you put an ear plug for noise,
next to the ear canal and keep checking it to make
sure it stays in place and wear it there with nothing
in the other ear.

Best results would be obtained by wearing the cotton
24 hours a day even during sleep , checking it every
so often to see if it has slipped out some. Poke it
gently a couple of times again to make sure its in all
the way. Replace it as needed to keep it clean and

Our immune system I have found cant be stimulated
while exposed to most types of manmade radiation such
as cell phones (even when just being carried) or
within 2 or 3 feet of you) or when using a computer
and it would be better to take the cotton out at those
times. The same problem if you smoke (80 or 90% of the
effect is lost) and some amount will be lost by things
that suppress immunity such as steroids or sythetic
opiate pain killer.

The cotton ball has to be ORGANIC cotton, it must say
ORGANIC on the package because ordinary cotton balls
are either genetically modified now or are synthetic
and neither will work, the body wont respond to them.
Most health food markets sell organic cotton balls. You
would have to call around.

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