Monday, 24 August 2009

women and heart attacks

more useful information from Al Sears MD - this could save your life!

"The signs considered typical of a heart
attack - sharp chest pains, pains running down the left arm, and
shortness of breath - are true in men.

But the're not common in women. A
woman having a heart attack is more likely to experience:

Aches in the shoulders
and both arms.

Abdominal discomfort that
mimics indigestion.

Unusual fatigue.

Dizziness or

A general feeling that
something's wrong.

And often, no pain at

So what can you do? If you have one or
more of the symptoms mentioned, get to an emergency room immediately!
Dont put it off. Calling 911 is usually better than driving to
the hospital. The EMS team can begin treatment immediately.

While you are waiting for EMS to arrive,
chew and swallow a regular 325 mg aspirin. There's strong
evidence that during a heart attack, a single aspirin could save your

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