Friday, 10 July 2009

What Every Person Needs

Inspirational Speech/Poem

What Every Person Needs ...
by Silvia Hartmann

What we all need as human beings

is really, just

one single person

to be absolutely on our side.

Someone who has faith in us,

someone to really love us as we are,

no questions asked,

without reservations

or judgements of any kind;

Just a single person

who will always be there

to help us, protect us;

To inspire us, applaud us

when we have succeeded in something,

no matter how insignificant

it may seem to an outsider;

Someone who will encourage us

to strive towards

the best we can possibly be,

and always, always cheer us on;

Someone who cannot ever be tempted away

by youth, beauty, money, bribes

and will always choose us,

every day, each moment afresh;

someone to stand by us

when everything falls apart,

who will love us no matter what;

Someone who will never let us down,

never give up on us,

never leave us

and who will always, always

be fiercely and actively loving of us

in every way, every day,

until we take our last breath in physicality.

Well, that person is here.

It is you.

And now, finally, we can start

on the road to be that person

we always knew we should have been -

with a little help from our self,

our endlessly loving totality.

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