Thursday, 26 March 2009

experience on statins

"I was a competitive runner with a number of sub 3 hour marathons under my belt before I was prescribed statins for elevated cholesterol 2 years ago. The first go round was 40mg zocor but muscle soreness and loss of strength started within 2 months. Switched to NIASPAN but couldn't tolerate it. The last 7 months have been on 10mg of Lipitor and now have intense pain in my legs, soreness in my wrist and thumb and swollen feet. I can still run but much less than before and much slower. I regularly go to the gym but have seen a steady decrease in the amount of weight I am able to lift. I have a blood test in a couple of days and will be looking for myalgia again. I have discontinued the statin and don't plan to start again. I was healthier before the DR decided to "help" me with my cholesterol problem."
-- By runinva

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Anonymous said...

Feel the development of Parkinson's and 4 yrs of prior lipitor therapy are directly related. stopped Lipitor 4 yrs ago and am dealing with both attempting to "fix" damage done by statins and treatment of parkinson's disease. Am aware of at least 8 other individuals who feel prior statin therapy is responsible for the onset of Parkinson's. Feel the fat soluble statins are implicated in the development of neurodegenerative dieases, since they readily cross the blood brain barrier and interrupt the mavelonate pathway in that structure as statins do in the liver.
Dr. Duane Graveline has a web site devoted to statin sufferers; the forum on this web site is a repository of statin damaged individuals, who report peripheral neuropathies, cognitive decline, myalgias, parkinson's, ALS-like syndrome, and many other disease states they feel are due to having taken a statin drug.