Tuesday, 22 July 2008

tim russert - heart attack

just got this interesting email from Dr Al Sears MD :
"Why do you think Tim
Russert died of a massive heart attack last month? Maybe it could have
been avoided...today I'll lay out what I know and let you
Russert was only 58.
He wasn't doing anything strenuous at the time;in fact,
hed just gotten back from a family vacation and passed away at
NBCs studios. He was under the care of a good doctor. He was
taking all his medications and doing everything his doctor told him to
None of it saved
him. This sad news made me;and many of my patients and
readers;wonder what went wrong.
I have a few
Heres one:
heart drugs don't work. I don't know all the medications
he was taking, but I do know one of them was a statin drug, probably
Lipitor or Zocor. (Russert's doctor reported this without naming
the specific drug.)
Statins drive down
CoQ10 to dangerously low levels. You know that CoQ10 is the vital
engine that fuels almost every cell in your body and powers all your
major organs;especially your heart.
Starve it of CoQ10,
and youre on the fast track to a heart attack. And it’s
not like the potentially fatal effect of statins on CoQ10 levels is a
secret. Those of us who've followed the research have known
about this for almost twenty years.
Still, the word hasnt gotten out.
A sad twist about
Russerts statin prescription: he didnt even have high
cholesterol. He was taking it as a preventive measure.

Another possible
cause: Russert was diabetic. That means his doctor may have put him on
one of the latest medications to treat it;either Actos or
Avandia. The problem here is that clinical studies have shown that one
of the major risks of taking these drugs is...heart failure. Drug regulators knew
this...and buried it. In
fact, the FDA employee who tried to get the warning put on the label
was fired."

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