Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Fat Britons “losing control” of their weight and money

The fatter people are, the less in control they feel about not only their eating but all aspects of their life - including money and jobs. A full 55 per cent of the very obese feel their finances are spiralling.

But despite their concerns about their size, 38 per cent of adults would break their commitment to a diet if their partner simply suggested a takeaway. Amazingly 13 per cent of the very obese claim they DO feel in control of their diet, says the survey conducted by LighterLife.(reported 28/01/08)

The nationally representative poll, conducted by BMRB, also quizzed 995 adults on what they thought of other people and how successful they are in running their lives through a series of images. The results showed that:

• Nearly a half of all women – 46 per cent – feel out of control of their weight, compared with 30 per cent of men – a total of 18 million people in the UK

• As bodyweight increases, the percentage feeling “out of control” also increases from 14 per cent of those of normal weight, to 42 per cent among the overweight, 73 per cent of obese people, and an alarming 87 per cent of the very obese

• A full 38 per cent of Britons would break a diet at their partner’s suggestion of a takeaway – with 48 per cent of obese people, saying they would succumb

• A quarter of people of healthy weight admit feeling out of control of their money, but this rises to 55 per cent among the very obese.

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