Tuesday, 6 May 2008

marathon running causes heart disease!

For a Strong Heart, Heed this Lesson:
" If you're looking for a New Year's resolution, don't let your good intentions put you at greater health risks. My suggestion: Nix long duration exercise from your plan. There's a body of clinical evidence to support what I've been telling my patients for two decades. Long-distance workouts - especially marathons - traumatize your heart and mimic the effects of heart disease. So this may not be the best way to support your favourite charity!
Back when I was in medical school, I saw this first hand. At the time, I was working at an emergency aid station for marathon races. During one race, I saw 2 runners fall to their knees, their lips turning blue, suffering from irregular heartbeats and fearing a heart attack. Unfortunately, the damage is continuing. In 2006 alone, at least 6 runners lost their lives in marathons in the US. In March, two police officers, one 53, the other 60, died of heart attacks at the Los Angeles Marathon. Three runners in their early 40s all had fatal heart attacks during marathons in Chicago, San Francisco and the Twin Cities. And on October 29th, at the Marine Corps Marathon, a 56-year old man collapsed at the 17th mile marker, never to recover. Science Finally "Discovers" the Risks of Marathon Running Results from Boston area hospitals reveal the risks and damaging effects experienced by dozens of marathon runners they've studied over the last ten years."

from Dr Al Sears MD

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