Saturday, 20 October 2007

Anandamayi Ma

In Paramahansa Yogananda's classic book, The Autobiography of a Yogi, he writes about his meeting with Anandamayi Ma in his chapter entitled, "The Joy-Permeated Mother." He asks her, "Please tell me something of your life." She replied:

"Father, there is little to tell. My consciousness has never associated itself with this temporary body. Before I came on this earth, Father, I was the same. I grew into womanhood, but still I was the same. When the family in which I had been born made arrangements to have this body married, I was the same. And Father, in front of you now, I am the same. Even afterwards, though the dance of creation changes around me in the hall of eternity, I shall be the same."

This is one of my favorite quotes and something we can remember when we're going through major transitions in our lives

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