Sunday, 9 September 2007

oil pulling, coconut oil

I am still interested in oil pulling. Here is an experience from a nursing assistant. It is also interesting what she says about coconut oil..
arazonie Says:
July 19th, 2007 at 3:10 am

I feel I have a pretty good ear for truth. So when I heard of oil pulling I tried it, seemed logical. The first time I gagged tried again, same response. The third time, same day did it for 10 minutes, teeth were lighter the whites of my eyes lighter, dark circles under eyes lighter. By the third time I did it , on average I now do it every 3 days, my nails stronger no breakage, cuticles have no dry skin around them, no bad breath, skin less dry not using lotion exceptalso interested face prior to make-up, no plaque on teeth, no build up after eating, bump on top of head seems a little I see more results the next day. I use eye whitener and crest stripes for my teeth afterwards and they do 3x the job they did before. I give it the thumbs up.

I’m a nurse assistant in a hospital and looking at most of the elderly they are dehydrated from lack of oil I can tell it from their toenails (dry looking and fungal, cracked) also their bowel movements are not regular - after usually 3 days of no movement they’ll pile in the hospital. The solution I find that is inexpensive and actually good for you is drinking coconut oil.
I know it goes against what your told, but coconut oil is good for cardiovascular. I use two large tablespoons in my coffee with carnation french vanilla cream to taste- take the day off it will clean you out - and I do about 3 cups a day like this. I repeat whenever I don’t void in under 1 minute. That’s how well it works!

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