Tuesday, 21 August 2007

testosterone and mens health

an interesting article from Al Sears MD
- includes a good simplified descripton of his pace exercise programme that I have found very useful in getting more fit:

Hey guys, Do
women pay less attention to you than they used to? And for
women, Has your man been looking and acting less
manly lately?
The key to reversing
these problems can be summed up in a single word: Testosterone. Today,
I'll show how you can boost yours.
Testosterone peaks
around 21 and then steadily declines with age. It's what makes
you strong, smart, confident, and aggressive. It makes you a potent
and virile lover. It powers your drive to succeed.
Without it,
you're more likely to lose muscle mass, bone strength and
perhaps most importantly in terms of quality-of-life
your sex drive.
In other words,
testosterone is a man's best friend. And to stay happy and
healthy, you need to keep yours high.
And in spite of what
the medical establishment says, age-related decline in testosterone
levels is not inevitable. In fact, I just read a study that will give
you another tool to reverse the decline and regain more youthful
A new report in
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism looked
at data for 1,667 men 40 to 70 years old. They found that the biggest
factor in testosterone loss was... drum roll please;
weight gain.
In fact, adding 4 to
5 percent to your Body Mass Index can result in a drop in testosterone
levels equal to ten years of aging. So if you simply shed pounds and
increase muscle mass, you can turn back the
clock a decade.
I know this because
Ive seen positive results from countless male patients
Ive worked with. Ive seen the results in
You can reverse the
cruel effects of aging. And you can do so naturally and safely by
keeping your natural testosterone production high.
The secret lies in
knowing exactly what your body needs in order to regain its native
strength. Here are 4 simple steps you can take to prevent aging and
boost your virility:
Follow a
diet low in carbs and high in protein: Empty carbs
(the kind you find in bread, flour and processed foods) spike
your insulin and pack on the pounds. This sends your testosterone into
a nosedive. By over consuming protein, you tell you body that
times are good. As a result, your body will feel
its okay to start burning off your fat stores.
cruciferous vegetables: Specifically broccoli, cabbage,
asparagus and cauliflower. These contain a substance called
diindolylmethane (DIM). DIM has been proven to help the body to break
down estrogen, the feminizing hormone that robs you of your manhood.
These vegetables also contain a compound called Indole-3 Carbinol, a
precursor to DIM. They work in combination to keep estrogen levels
testosterone-boosting supplements: Many of these are natural,
inexpensive, and available at your local health food store. The first
is DHEA, or dehyroepiandrosterone. Its a key testosterone
precursor, produced naturally by your body. But as you get older, DHEA
levels begin to decline. Youll not only restore your
testosterone levels; youll also enjoy other benefits, including
bone strength, proper insulin balance, weight loss, and an improved
Be sure to consult
your doctor before taking DHEA. Have your levels checked;
youthful DHEA levels fall between 300 and 500 mg/dl. If you discover
your levels are low, discuss with your doctor the best supplemental
dosage and the optimum level you want to reach.
Other supplements to
consider are Yohimbine, which combats erectile dysfunction. I use 250
mg of Yohimbine extract per day with good results.
Finally, L-Dopa, a
chemical produced in your brain, also improves sexual function.
Its available in non-prescription form. Take 300 mg per day of
natural L-Dopa extract.
Exercise: This is fastest way to burn
fat and increase muscle mass. But you don't have to be a slave
to the gym to get results.
My patented ;
program is the best way I know of to build strength and shed fat.
It's based on a simple principle: progressive activity of
increased intensity (not duration) produces cardiovascular and muscle
strength over time.
You can achieve
results almost instantly by focusing on the large
muscle groups (like back and legs). Choose an exercise that's
right for you. It may be going up and down the stairs, or performing
conventional calisthenics, like squat thrusts.
The key is to build
reserve capacity in your heart and lungs. You do this by
pushing yourself past your limit and then resting. Exercise until you
feel yourself panting, then stop. Give yourself some time to recover,
and repeat the exercise.
Focus not on
duration, but intensity. This will create muscles with sudden,
explosive power, the kind of muscle that burns fat even while
you’re at rest.
Now you have the
tools you need to reverse age-related testosterone decline. To learn
more about winning strategies that preserve your manhood, check out
Secrets to Virility and PACE
Rediscover Your Native Fitness.

Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

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