Tuesday, 12 June 2007

pace yourself while exercising

Have You Heard Of Dr Al Sears' PACE Workout?

He contends long duration regular cardiovascular/pulmonary excercise just DOWNSIZES the heart.
Do you think you need long punishing workouts to improve your fitness? Think again. Dr. Sears has developed a PACE workout program that allows you to, literally, pace yourself and prevent or reverse heart disease in the process.

Unlike conventional interval training regimes, the PACE program focuses on the rest periods between the intense intervals. After you exert for several seconds or a minute you have a recovery period of 1-2 minutes or more in which you focus on getting your heart rate to within 20 beats of its resting rate. In this way you increase your lung capacity (and your longevity) and strengthen your heart.

Dr. Sears provides many different examples of PACE workouts, none of them lasting longer than 15-20 minutes, using the outdoors, pool and many different types of equipment. There's enough variety to appeal to anyone. You can use any style of exercise you want as long as you progressively increase the intensity and focus on lowering your heart rate during the recovery periods. You have the freedom to adapt the program to your own preferences and fitness level.

He cites several credible research studies when making his case that endurance training is actually harmful to you and PACE workouts are superior. Although technical at times, his arguments are accessible to anyone interested in losing fat, increasing their longevity, and having a strong heart and lungs well into old age. You won't regret reading this book and trying the PACE workout.

The book is called 'PACE: Rediscover Your Native Fitness' by Al Sears MD


"Al Sears got the best exercise programe in the world believe me his PACE programe is without a shadow of a doubt the best. i have subscribed to his site for many years now since 2004 i believe after the heart attack and always amazed at what he has to say. I'm convinced Long duration exercises have caused my "mild" heart attack in 2004 at 42 yrs old and have since then rehabed with his recommendations and best of all it only takes mere mins a day, 6 mins to no more than 20 mins tops 3 to 4 times a week"


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